A transitional housing community that encourages women to reach forward to ‘A New Normal.’


Our Vision

To assist women in transforming their lives by partnering with them to break free from addictions and other destructive lifestyle patterns. With hope restored, they are empowered to dream again and become the women they were destined to be.

Our Mission

To provide safe, affordable, transitional housing for single women who have completed an addiction recovery program or are facing other life challenges and need a community that fosters accountability and healthy decision-making.

Our Plan

• Budgeting

• Parenting

• Nutrition and cooking

• Counseling

• Inner healing

• Addiction recovery

• Interests and hobbies

• Bible studies

• Educational advancement

• Other life skills


  • For single women or women with children

  • No Pets Allowed

  • Must have a source of income


  • No men on the property. This includes relatives

  • Will be drug tested prior to moving in and understand that random drug testing may be required.

  • Turn in weekly activity sheets (a minimum of three activities per week) which demonstrates commitment to growth, as determined during the application process.

  • Eviction is warranted when any of the agreements of the sublease are violated.


Transformed with a hope and a future.

fresh start  |  for women


Our Plan

Having witnessed the tumultuous lives of women in addiction and years of watching them return to destructive lifestyle patterns, a group of women were motivated to stop this cycle. They leased an apartment complex in Owensboro, KY. In October, 2016 the Fresh Start Community began. In January, 2017, Fresh Start for Women, Inc. obtained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

We provide encouragement and support by paying a portion of the women’s rent and utilities. This lessens some of the financial burden and the stress that comes with rebuilding a life which had been derailed by unhealthy relationships, poor decisions, jail time, debt, etc. These two bedroom apartments are technically unfurnished, but with the aid of the local community, the women are gifted items needed to establish independent residency.

Transitional housing in Owensboro, especially for women and their children, has been deficient in proportion to the needs in our area. Fresh Start for Women, Inc. partners with homeless shelters, recovery centers, and other agencies to fill this gap. After completing their stay in the Fresh Start Community, the goal is to have assisted the women in:

• Maintaining sober living

• Restoring family relationships

• Encouraging savings

• Establishing new friendships and interests

• Demonstrating a rent history that positions them favorably to transition to permanent housing